Scino Care Hair Serum

Scino Care Hair Serum

Designed as a hair care solution that prevents hair from getting tangled while giving it that softness and shine. The ingredient present in hair serums fills in the follicular cracks of the hair shafts and thus makes hairs stronger and reduces the chance of breakage. supplying nourishing nutrients that stimulate the hair follicles and hair growth


Indication: nourishing and hair care

Application: take two to six drops of the hair serum in your palm and rub it properly on both palms to mix well. Flip the hair back again, take two to four more drops of hair serum and massage it well into your scalp.


Ingredient: Jojoba oil – Thyme oil – Simethicone – Wheat germ oil – Almond oil – Grape seed oil – Aloe vera oil – Vitamin E – Vitamin A

  • Date: October 29, 2017
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